Raptor Protective Coatings - Tough and Tintable

Raptor Protective Coatings are a tough and tintable Polyurethane coating, that provides surfaces with a protective barrier.  This protection can withstand the toughest situations. Raptor is resistant to mechanical damage.  It will withstand contamination by petrol, fuel oils, animal urine, saltwater.  In addition, Raptor will protect against chemicals such as solvents, xylene, phosphoric acid, battery acid, hydrochloric acid. etc.
Developed to tolerate most climatic conditions, Raptor Protective Coatings are UV resistant and won’t fade or ‘chalk’ in sunlight.  Raptor is waterproof and will protect surfaces from rust.  This makes it perfect for exposed surfaces and even surfaces submerged in water, including salt water.

Raptor Protection can be used fore:  Load liners, Total under-body protection, Commercial cargo areas, Farm Equipment, Chassis and sub-frames,  Steel Beams, Loading ramps, Sill protection and bumper bars, Horse Boxes, Bus and Coach applications, Railway stock floors, Park/Street Furniture and decking. These are just a few of the multitude of uses.
Raptor protects the roughest industrial surfaces as well as the smaller surfaces we rely on every day.  Unlike other protective coatings, Raptor can easily be repaired.

A great benefit of using Raptor Protection is that it is quick and easy to use.  Raptor can be sprayed, rollered or brushed giving excellent results.
Raptor is available in Black, White and Tintable.  The tintable version can be coloured by adding 100ml of Paintman Coach Enamel.

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Showing all 14 results