Barcoat – Quick Drying Isolator

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Barcoat – Quick Drying Isolator. Perfect for restoration work , quick drying yellow oxide isolator to prevent lifting and bleeding of existing paint sensitive to solvent attacks. Suitable when using solvent based paints.

Spray only application, 1 fine coat is enough to ensure no cross contamination from previous painted substrates, should not be used on bare metal.

Barcoat – Quick drying formula provides a one coat barrier between painted surfaces. Drying time 1 hour at ambiant and ready for primer. Barcoat should never be sanded as this will remove the barrier coating

Here at Paintman Paint, we take pride in only providing the highest quality products for restoration preparation that will give you the perfect base for using our Paintman Paint Coach Enamel giving superb finish.

Additional information of interest

  • Surface Preparation. Prior to painting ensure all surfaces are clean and dry to remove any contaminants. We recommend using our Surface cleaner 2800 for painted surfaces or our Surface Cleaner 2802 for bare metal.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.
  • Sizes available. Barcoat – Quick Drying Isolator, offered in our standard range of 1L
  • Painting tips and advice. Check out our methods of use page and FAQ’s.  Alternatively, ask us a question on our Contact page.