Raptor Protective coating Tintable – Binderless Tint Kit

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Raptor Protective coating Tintable Bottle Kit + Binderless Tint kit

Offered in both 1 bottle & 4 bottle kits

  • Raptor 1 Bottle Kit is ideal for any job up to 4 Square metres. This includes 250ml of binderless tint (colour of your choice)
  • Raptor 4 Bottle Kit is ideal for any job up to 12 Square metres. This includes 500ml of binderless tint (colour of your choice)

When ordering, Please specify the colour you require in the customer notes at checkout

Using the measuring cup provided in the Raptor kit, each 1 Litre bottle only requires 100ml of tint

To get the best professional results use the Raptor Standard or the professional vari-nozzle application gun, however. Raptor can also be applied using a roller or brush.

Raptor Tintable Bottle Kit + Binderless Tint package can be tinted to any Paintman Paint colour of your choice, by adding up to 100ml per litre, or 10% of volume mixed. Binderless the most effective mix on the market, to ensure a rich colour finish.

Clean application products using Paintman Paint Brush/Gun cleaner.

Why you should choose Raptor Protective coating:

  1. Durable.  Developed to withstand the toughest of situations. The products all produce a tough mechanical damage and stain resistant surface.  Protects against rust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.  Resistant against  fuels, hydraulic oils, animal urine, saltwater and much more.
  2. Water Resistant.    Provides a water tight seal, that keeps moisture out to help prevent rust.
  3. U.V Resistant.  Delivers unparalleled protection agains UV exposure, preventing colour fading or chalking.
  4. Tintable.  Tint in the colour of your choice. Supplied as a binderless tint mix customised to your colour choice
  5. Quick & Easy.  Excellent adhesion properties on difficult substrates and easy to apply.
  6. Slip Resistant Additive.  The use of Raptor Traction produces a slip resistant surface as defined by BS 7976-2 and ASTM E303-93.

Types of applications: Automotive, Off-Road, Marine, Commercial, Railways, Industrial and Agricultural.

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