Coach Enamel Coverage



The coverage of Coach Enamel depends on the application method you use and can differ between each individual user.

When brushing or rollering, Coach Enamel covers around 7sqm per litre (one coat). We recommend doing 2 coats. When brushing the paint should naturally be applied in a thicker layer, this will allow you to achieve a flat coat with minimal brush marks. This however does mean that the coverage may be different dependent on how thick the layer is applied.

When spraying, Coach Enamel covers around 10sqm per litre (one coat). We recommend doing around 2 full coats. Again this can differ on how much thinner is added. We only recommend adding around 5-10%, the less the better. You can also warm the paint up to make it flow a lot better without the thinner.

A Coach Enamel aerosol covers around 2sqm per aerosol (one coat). Again, we recommend doing 2 full coats.

From these you can work out the approximate amount of paint you require. It is always better to over estimate in case of any mistakes/touch-ups needed.

The coverage is similar for both the filler primer and undercoat.

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