Safety Information

Safety Information

Safety Info – Safety Data Sheets (according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31)

We have available the Safety Data Sheets (according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31) These are also known as the Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). They can be requested for the following stock items by completing the form on this page. Please see below for all our available Safety Data Sheets.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Brushing AdditiveTDSSDS
Clear CoatTDSSDS
Chassis BlackTDSSDS
Chassis GreenTDSSDS
Coach Enamel Aerosol (contains lead)TDSSDS
Coach Enamel Aerosol (no lead)TDSSDS
Coach Enamel Colours (contains lead)TDSSDS
Coach Enamel Colours (no lead)TDSSDS
Ultraspeed Enamel (no lead)TDSSDS
Ultraspeed Enamel (contains lead)TDSSDS
Engine PaintTDSSDS
Primer Etch GreyTDSSDS
Primer Dark GreyTDSSDS
Primer Light GreyTDSSDS
Primer Red OxideTDSSDS
Primer WhiteTDSSDS
Linseed PrimerTDSSDS
Ferrozinc Rust InhibitorTDSSDS
Mordant T WashTDSSDS
Prep Clean 2800 (pre painted)TDSSDS
Prep Clean 2802 (bare metal)TDSSDS
Thinners 2611TDSSDS
Thinners 2612TDSSDS
Thinners 2691 (etch)TDSSDS
Undercoat BlackTDSSDS
Undercoat Light GreyTDSSDS
Undercoat WhiteTDSSDS
Undercoat ColoursTDSSDS

Request a copy of your required safety data sheets right here.

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