Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your delivery turnaround?

We aim to despatch orders within 1-2 working days. For UK mainland shipments we use APC and UPS, these can take 1-2 days for delivery (Mon-Fri). However, please note that this isn’t always guaranteed and once the shipment has left our premises we have no control. Consignment details will be sent via email from both couriers. Couriers may vary for shipment to other countries around the world. All paint is shipped under DG requirements.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can ship worldwide by Air as we are fully IATA certified. However we currently cannot ship to the US , Europe and Ireland. To obtain a quote on shipping please use the contact form. 

Please be aware you may be subject to customs and duty fees when the parcel arrives in your country when overseas.

How much paint do I need?

When brushing or rollering, Coach Enamel covers around 7sqm per litre (one coat). We recommend doing 2 coats.

When spraying, Coach Enamel covers around 10sqm per litre (one coat). We recommend doing around 2 full coats.

From these you can work out the approximate amount of paint you require. It is always better to over estimate in case of any mistakes/touch-ups needed.

Why is there a shipping charge?

All paint is classed as a Dangerous Good. This means all parcels have to be sent with couriers who are able to carry Dangerous Goods, adding on a DG surcharge. No profit is made from the shipping charges. We are constantly assessing couriers to be able to maintain the best rates possible for our customers.

Which is the best paint brush for applying Paintman Coach Enamel?

Any good-quality, soft bristled flat or slightly angled brush that does not shed its bristles. The key factor is soft bristles, whether natural or synthetic, the make is down to you. Here at Paintman we offer professional brushes which are of an amazing quality.

Can I roller Synthetic Coach Enamel?

Yes you can. Roller application allows for a surface area to be covered at a quicker pace. There is a certain technique which we favour, you can find out more on that here: The Simple Painting Guide.

Can I use Coach Enamel to tint UPOL Raptor protection systems?

Yes. We now offer Tintable Raptor Kits which include the correct amount of binderless tint to ensure a high opacity finish. Available in any colour from our range.

Does enamel paint need a primer?

We do recommend you use a primer before any application. It is also important to use an etch primer on bare aluminium.

What colour primer should I use?

You should use the nearest shade to the colour you are going to use as the topcoat. When using a light colour use light grey; a dark colour use dark grey; a very pale colour OR a yellow use white primer.

Spraying – What size Spraying Nozzle is best?

Nozzle sizes are measured whereby the lower the number is, the smaller the outlet on the nozzle.  For spraying Coach Enamel which is fairly thin when diluted with thinner you would ideally use a No 14 nozzle (usually supplied as standard with the gun), but you can go up to a No 16 Nozzle. You can find more info on spraying HERE.

Primer versus Undercoat – What is the difference?

Primer generally contains a rust inhibiting element, it fills pores in the bare metal and protects bare ferrous metal surfaces. Undercoat is manufactured from a fine material which creates a smooth finish, offering excellent high building qualities. Find out more HERE.

Can I use filler under Coach Enamel?

Yes you can, we supply a filler product here.

What is Coach Enamel?

Coach Enamel is a premium paint product originally made for brushing but can also be applied by rollering and spraying. Coach Enamel allows for a high build coverage and the ultimate finish without the need to add hardener. All of Paintman’s Coach Enamel is hand mixed making it the highest grade with only the best pigment tints. Coach Enamel is a slow air drying paint.

How soon can you recoat coach enamel paint?

We recommend you wait until the paint has fully dried before re-coating coach enamel. This usually takes around 24 hours at 20°C, so if the temperature is lower than this bare that in mind. It is also good to note the coach enamel needs plenty of air flow to dry.

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