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We can now offer you an option to purchase your much loved enamel paints in ready to spray aerosol kit! Starting from a kit of 5 the option of being able to have your paints in aerosol form means our enamel can come ready to spray and allow for a smooth, seamless application – even for beginners. The perfect amount of thinners required for spraying are already loaded into the aerosol cans, to save you having to do the measuring out!

Available in a 5 , 10, 15, 20, 25 aerosol kit sizes. This Starter Kit offers everything you need to obtain a brilliant finish with Paintman’s Enamel Ultraspeed Aerosols. This Kit also includes Filler primer aerosols, quantity depending on the kit size ordered.

Please be aware, all painting kits are excluded from the discounts due to them already being discounted in price.

Included in the Aerosol Starter Kit

Contents quantity depends on kit ordered.

Here at Paintman Paint, we take pride in only producing the highest quality, hand mixed paint that will give you the ultimate high gloss finish, superb coverage with high build and scratch filling properties. In addition to this it gives excellent water resistance, flexibility, toughness and exterior durability. All aerosols are made in our Ultraspeed Enamel – A speedy Enamel perfect for those who require a quick turnaround. A 20 minute Flash Off time will allow for a quick turnaround. Paintman’s fast drying formula creates an excellent high build, high-gloss coverage for a range of first-class projects.

If you require a sheen other than gloss please contact us at

Colours excluded from being available in aerosol – Windjammer/Pacific/Arles Blue LRC424 and Non IRR Green Satin LRC553 – also known as NATO Satin Green

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Aerosol: 2 sqm per 400ml Can (1 coat)

Bear in mind, we recommend completing your project with 2 coats of top coat to build a lasting, deep finish.

Estimated paint required for specific vehicles:

      • 5 aerosol kit- Motorcycle/miniature vehicles
      • 10 aerosol kit – Small vehicles e.g VW Mini
      • 15 aerosol kit – SWB/SWB Land Rover exterior only
      • 20 aerosol kit – LWB/LWB Land Rover exterior only
      • 25 aerosol kit – SWB/SWB Land Rover exterior and interior
      • 30 aerosol kit – LWB/LWB Land Rover exterior and interior

Drying Times


  • Ultraspeed Enamel – Spray Only
    • Touch Dry 2hrs @20°C
    • Hard Dry 8hrs @20°C
    • Flash Off time 20mins