Brush/Gun Cleaner – Heavy Duty equipment wash

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Brush/Gun Cleaner – Heavy Duty equipment wash

  • Brush/Gun Cleaner – Heavy Duty equipment wash.  Use this cleaning product purely for washing and cleaning your brushes, Spray Gun and any paint covered equipment at the end of the task. Brush Cleaner shouldn’t be used to dilute any of the Paintman products as it could destroy the quality of the final finish.  All Brush wash, Gun wash and Standard Thinners are re-cycled products.  They contain elements of water and other alien chemicals which do not complement and aggressively destroy quality paint.  Brush and Gun Cleaners generally contain high levels of  water element which is not a problem for cleaning purposes; however, to use them as paint thinners would in all probability at least give the result of micro-bubbling once the paint had dried.
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