Colour matching

Our extensive colour system contains many shades which are not listed on our website. If we do not hold the colour you are looking for within the database, it is possible to perform a laboratory analysis to establish a match.

By choosing our colour matching service you will receive the closest match possible. The colour matching process is very specific; your colour isn’t just matched to the nearest one in our system, therefore this process can be lengthy. We want your colour to be correct first time just as much as you do. We pride ourselves that the service we offer is second to none; if required, we can guide you throughout the process, from start to finish.

Lead time

Please allow an extended lead time of 4 weeks. Following receipt of your sample, for delivery of your matched paint.

Colour match Fee

The fee for this service is £15.00 (ex. VAT). We request this payment in advance together with payment for the total order cost.*


The minimum order is 1 litre when being matched. This is so the best possible match can be achieved. If you wish to order more in the future we can hand mix the colour in house – no need for your sample to be sent off again.

Sample Size

The sample you provide for matching should be a minimum area of 2″ x 2″ with a flat surface; this allows the system to work most effectively to produce a match. Your sample will be returned.

Please use the contact us form to start the colour matching process

*T’s & C’s. All colour matching orders must be paid in advance. The match is done a close as possible to the original paint sample. If you are using the matched paint to touch up existing paint an imperceptible match cannot be guaranteed. The sample needs to be in as high quality as you can – clean and polished, to enable the best match.