5 common mistakes made when applying coach enamel

5 common mistakes made when applying coach enamel

The most common Coach Enamel Mistakes we find out from our customers…

Skipping the prep and primer…

Cutting corners at this stage and not applying the primer, or even worse, applying the wrong type of primer can have serious consequences in the future. A hole in the pocket just from missing out a simple stage. We advise different primers for different metals, etch primer for aluminium and filler primer for use on generally any other surface. Do not skip this stage. It will be a big regret in the future.

Not practicing!

If you are new to painting, especially with coach enamel, you NEED to practice… again no practice could equal another hole in that pocket of yours. Coach enamel is very different to applying any other paint, especially when you’re applying it to your pride and joy. You don’t want to start painting and realise you have done it wrong. You will have to complete that whole, long, tiring process again. Don’t tell us we didn’t tell you!

Painting in poor weather conditions.

Wet/damp weather is a definite no go when painting with coach enamel. If your vehicle has any water particles on the surface, applying the coach enamel on top of this could cause micro blistering. This means again, the process will take you even longer to complete. Make sure you check your vehicle is 100% dry all over. You never know, you could miss those little water particles creeping under the paint!

Working in the wrong conditions…

When working indoors, wet the floors before starting to paint. Many people forget this step and face the risk of dust settling on their brand-new painted surface. Make sure it is wet whilst you are applying the paint and whilst it is drying. You wouldn’t want it ruining that nice glossy finish. Also, keep the temperature as even as possible when painting and when it is drying.

The final mistake is definitely a Poor Quality Brush!

Make sure you use a good quality brush if you are brushing your coach enamel on. A poor-quality brush can leave bristles throughout your paintwork, which you definitely wouldn’t want to see every day on your beloved vehicle! To also minimise this from happening with a good quality brush, make sure you work the brush through your fingers. This will reduce any loose bristles from it being in the package.

Check out our video on brush application here.


If you have any more Coach Enamel Mistakes, please contact us and let us know!

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