Applying Coach Enamel to Fibreglass

Applying Coach Enamel to Fibreglass

fibre glass application

Painting on Fibreglass is much the same as any other surface.

However the following exceptions could apply.  If the Fibreglass has fresh  resin without any gelcoat applied during moulding, we suggest you use Adhesion promoter before any other application.

If you are using lots of fibreglass derivative body filler, proceed as follows:  body filler sculpted as you want it, then etch prime.  However the surface looks at this point will be how the final finish is going to look.  When good you can move on to the normal application of Coach enamel Primer, Undercoat and finally topcoat.  If not good, rub down again until you are happy then etch prime again and repeat the process.  If the area is only small then we suggest using an aerosol.  Be careful not to overspray any enamel as this can cause a reaction if the etch primer is thickly applied.  A light dusting shouldn’t cause issues.

It should go a bit like this:

  1. If the fibreglass has fresh resin without any gelcoat applied during moulding, then use coat of Adhesion promoter
  2. One or two coats of Coach Enamel Primer
  3. One coat of undercoat
  4. Two coats of top coat

Check out our video for fibreglass paint application below:

Applying coach enamel to fibre glass (1)

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