All Purpose Brushes – Hardwearing bristle

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 All Purpose Brushes – Hardwearing bristle – these come in a choice of 4 sizes, a 2 inch, a 1 inch, a 1/2 inch or a No 8 for detailing.

Paintman all purpose brushes are ideal for all paints and varnish.  They are the perfect selection if you are working to a budget, or if you tend to discard the brush after completing your task.

All Purpose Brushes – Hardwearing bristle brush – Usage and Care

Before use, work the bristles with your fingers to remove any remaining loose bristles.  If painting with gloss paint, brush out well to ensure an even coat that will not run, finishing with a light stroke at right angles to the first strokes to remove brush marks.

Clean with a good quality paint brush cleaner (white spirit or coach enamel thinners).  Finally, to really pamper it,  wash thoroughly with warm water and a little washing up liquid to remove any paint or thinners residue.  Once clean wrap paper towel around the bristles to help them to stay straight and compact.


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