Masking Tape – Precision Edged – UV Resistant

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Masking Tape – Precision Edged – UV Resistant is a pressure-sensitive tape which is made of a thin, easy-to-tear paper. The adhesive means it can be easily released without leaving adhesive marks.  The precision edge masking tape is temperature resistant to 120 degrees Centigrade.

Masking Tape – Precision Edged – UV Resistant is an advanced professional tape that is UV Resistant and has a precision edge, which will give you a far neater and exacting edge than the traditional tape would give.  It was developed for accurate use on painted walls, wood, glass and metal.

It is totally compatible with both gloss and emulsion paints, and can be left in place for up to 21 days on exterior surfaces.

We stock our Masking Tape in a variety of widths: 1 inch and 2 inch.

Our Masking Tape is mainly used to mask off areas that should not be painted as it holds a good initial tack to a variety of surfaces.

For light duty applications – can be used in temperatures of up to 30 °C.

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