MDF – Wood Sealant

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MDF – Wood Sealant is used to seal wood and other materials to prevent the paint from sinking into the wood. This will help to give the best finish possible on MDF or other wood materials.

MDF – Wood Sealant – Other Information you may wish to know

  • Technical bits you may want to know. Wood Sealant is used to stop paint from sinking into the wood. This sealant will allow all of the pores in the wood to be blocked which will allow you to apply our paint to any wooden surface.
  • Ensure surfaces being painted are dry, and cleaned to remove all contaminants, using our Surface cleaner 2800 for painted surfaces. These will remove oil and other contamination off the surface to be painted.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.