Professional Brushes – Pure synthetic bristles

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Professional Brushes – Pure synthetic bristles – are available in a choice of 2 sizes,  2 inch, 1 inch

The Paintman Professional range brushes feature Evenflo (TM) technology.  This is an ultra-low friction coating that enables paint to move smoothly up and down each filament.  Evenflo (TM) distributes paint uniformly throughout the brush when loading and releases it smoothly on application.  This constantly delivers fresh paint to the tip to give longer strokes and saving time through less working out.

The Paintman Professional range brushes are produced using the finest quality 100% pure synthetic filaments.  In addition, they are environmentally friendly, the unvarnished handle being manufactured from sustainable wood and attaining FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.

Professional Brushes – Pure synthetic bristles – Usage and Care

Before use, work the bristles with your fingers to remove any remaining loose bristles.  If painting with gloss paint, brush out well to ensure an even coat that will not run, finishing with a light stroke at right angles to the first strokes to remove brush marks.

Clean with a good quality paint brush cleaner (white spirit or coach enamel thinners).  Finally, to really pamper it,  wash thoroughly with warm water and a little washing up liquid to remove any paint or thinners residue.  Once clean wrap paper towel around the bristles to help them to stay straight and compact.

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