Applying Coach Enamel to Wood

Applying Coach Enamel to Wood

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Coach enamel as it’s name suggests was, in its infancy used for painting coaches, or as they were known in the day Charabancs and Carriages.  These were constructed of wooden frames and wood or metal panelling. Applying Coach Enamel to wood is very similar to any other paint. The benefits it holds is the fact you can obtain a flat, high gloss finish with brushing/rollering or spraying.

We recommend the following application process to ensure the best finish:

First of all you will need to prep the surface of the wood. Dependant on which type of wood you are using, you may have to use a specialist wood seal. We do stock a wood sealer which you can find here.

Next you should use a coach enamel primer. This fills in minor pores/imperfections and offers a great base layer for the paint. Undercoat is an optional layer, however it is recommended to obtain a flat surface when painting on to wood. This is applied once the primer has been applied with all the necessary prep. The undercoat layer ideally needs to be the closest match to your topcoat.

Finally apply your top coat. We have a full guide on application processes which will offer significant help in this procedure. Applying Coach Enamel to Wood is a process which a novice can attempt and achieve good results.

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