Polishing Coach Enamel


Polishing Coach Enamel is a dark area which many people hold different opinions on.

The polishing technique we recommend is the standard polishing technique which you would use on any vehicle for maintenance. We have an excellent range of polishes and waxes which compliment the Coach Enamel perfectly. When polishing new Coach Enamel we recommend using the Double Speed Wax. Once the Coach Enamel has matured we then recommend using the Finis Wax, which is a high-grade carnauba wax to ensure a deep, rich gloss finish.

Before applying any wax, the final coat of paint needs to be fully cured, taking around 6-8 weeks.

To ensure the best upkeep of the paint work we recommend regular washing to remove the dirt and polishing/waxing around every six months.

The other polishing technique requires the use of cutting compounds. This process is most common for paints which contain a hardener. We don’t tend to recommend this technique on Coach Enamel as it loses the full high gloss finish. We are aware this technique has worked for customers, however we don’t offer any guidance on this technique. If you wish to use this method, wait for 6-8 weeks for the final coat to cure.

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