Undercoat Aerosols

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Our synthetic undercoat in 400ml aerosol cans.


Our full range of undercoat aerosols. If you wish to purchase our undercoats in a variety of tin sizes, please view our listing here. All hand mixed and tailored to match your topcoat. This means you have the perfect base prior to your topcoat application.  First select the quantity you need and add it to your basket. Choose the closest shade to your top coat for the best result.

Paintman Paint Undercoat is a traditional synthetic coach enamel.  Our undercoat aerosol cans come in 400ml sizes as standard.

Here at Paintman Paint, we take pride in only producing the highest quality, hand mixed paint that will give you the ultimate high gloss finish, superb coverage with high build and scratch filling properties. In addition to this it gives excellent water resistance, flexibility, toughness and exterior durability.  Our traditional formula gives you an extra-long wet edge time, thus minimising any brush drag.

Additional information of interest

  • Surface Preparation. Prior to painting ensure all surfaces are clean and dry to remove any contaminants.  We recommend using our Surface cleaner 2800 for painted surfaces or our Surface Cleaner 2802 for bare metal.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.
  • Sizes available. Aerosols selected colour variants are available. Our full range of undercoat colours are offered in our standard range of 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre cans. Our full colour range can be viewed here. If the option is not listed, please contact us for further information.  Special order aerosols are subject to a min. order quantity of 4.
  • Painting tips and advice. Check out our methods of use page and FAQ’s.  Alternatively, ask us a question on our Contact page.