Prep Clean 2802 – Preparatory cleaner bare metal

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Prep Clean 2802 – Preparatory cleaner bare metal.  This fast drying degreaser is recommended to clean and degrease area prior to painting.  It can be used for many applications, is mildly anti-static and can be used on previously un-painted surfaces.

**The photograph depicts a tin of Prep Clean 2800, please use this as a guidance photo as the tin is the same.  The correct image will follow in due course.

Prep Clean 2802 – Preparatory cleaner bare metal – further information of interest

The reason for pre-cleaning surfaces to be painted is to remove grease, oil, silicones, wax and any other contaminant.  If this practice is omitted there is a significant risk that the subsequently applied coatings will suffer from a lack of adhesion.

For further details of how to prepare the surface have a look at the Surface Preparation Techniques

As with all products we supply this product is for Professional Use Only.

For your convenience it is supplied in a 1 or 5 Litre can.