Range Rover Classic ‘Rostyle Wheel’ Aluminium

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Range Rover Classic ‘Rostyle Wheel’ Aluminium.  A classic traditional colour used from the start of production on the 3 door, standard wheel colour used on 3 of the 6 colour variants. Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold and Davos White

Paintman Paint Range Rover Classic ‘Rostyle Wheel’ Aluminium is to be sprayed only to achieve the correct finish, use thinners with a spray gun or use aerosols for a clean finish. Single pack that does not require a lacquer. the colour is the final finish

Additional information of interest

  • Spray application. All of our Coach Enamels will need to be diluted by around 5-10% using Paintman Coach Enamel Thinners,  thus ensuring the highest quality finish and maintaining correct drying times.
  • Surface Preparation. Prior to painting ensure all surfaces are clean and dry to remove any contaminants.  We recommend using our Surface cleaner 2800 for painted surfaces or our Surface Cleaner 2802 for bare metal.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.
  • Sizes available. Range Rover Classic ‘Rostyle Wheel’ Aluminium, offered in our standard range of 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre cans and Aerosols
  • Painting tips and advice. Check out our methods of use page and FAQ’s.  Alternatively, ask us a question on our Contact page.


Brushing/Rollering: 8 sqm per 1 Litre (1 coat)
Spraying: 10 sqm per 1 Litre (1 coat)
Aerosol: 2 sqm per 400ml Can (1 coat)

Bear in mind, we recommend completing your project with 2 coats of top coat to build a lasting, deep finish.

Estimated paint required for specific vehicles:

  • Land Rover
    • Short Wheel Base:
      • Outside: 2.5L or 15 aerosols
      • Inside & Outside: 3.5L
    • Long Wheel Base:
      • Outside: 3.5L
      • Inside & Outside: 4.5L
    • Wheels:
      • 1L or 2/3 aerosols
    • Roof:
      • 1L or 3 aerosols
  • VW
    • Camper:
      • 2 tone: 2 x 2.5L
      • 1 tone 5L