Thinners for Coach Enamel and Synthetic Primers

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Our Thinners for Coach Enamel and Synthetic Primers 2611/2612 has been specially developed and manufactured to the highest standards to be completely compatible with our Synthetic Primers and Undercoats. We recommend only using our own formulated thinners when spraying to ensure full compatibility. As many other thinners on the market are recycled.

Remember: Coach Enamel Thinners are not compatible with Etch Primers and it is important not to mix the incorrect type as it can cause the paint to curdle.

Difference between 2611/2612: 2612 evaporates slightly slower so is more suitable to the warmer summer months, so we try to do a seasonal switch to offer the optimum

Additional information of interest

  • Surface Preparation. Prior to painting ensure all surfaces are clean and dry to remove any contaminants.  We recommend using our Surface cleaner 2800 for painted surfaces or our Surface Cleaner 2802 for bare metal.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.
  • Sizes available. Thinners for Coach Enamel and Synthetic Primers offered in our standard range of 1 litre and 5 litre cans.
  • Painting tips and advice. Check out our methods of use page and FAQ’s.  Alternatively, ask us a question on our Contact page.