Ferrozinc – High Performance rust converter

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Ferrozinc – High Performance rust converter is a water thinnable product.  It is an easily applied single pack material with excellent long term conversion properties.  In many situations blast cleaning is not cost effective or practical, and though Ferrozinc is not an equivalent alternative to shot blasting, it does offer a far superior performance than conventional coatings applied to slightly rusted surfaces.

Salt spray and extended durability testing has proven Ferrozinc to out-perform competitive rust conversion and rust killer materials.

Ferrozinc – High Performance rust converter – other interesting information for you

Ferrozinc – High Performance rust converter is used after simple wire brushing to remove surface rust. Soluble salts should be removed by washing with water as they may slow down the conversion process.  Apply by using a short pile stipple brush, applying a light coat avoiding non-rusted areas wherever possible.   A dramatic colour change from white to black will occur, showing that the rust has been effectively been neutralised.  Ferrozinc should then be over-coated with a suitable Paintman primer and topcoat system for prolonged corrosion resistance.

Ferrozinc – High Performance rust converter should not be used over oil or grease contamination, or existing paint as this will render the product ineffective. Ensure surfaces being painted are dry, and cleaned to remove all contaminants, using our Surface Cleaner 2802 for bare metal, these will remove oil and other contamination off the surface to be painted.  Just prior to painting, wipe the surface with a Tack Rag to remove dust and other loose contaminants.