Paint Stripper – Strip Away Pro (professional users only)

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Paint Stripper – Strip Away Pro (professional users only).  

Please note that all purchasers of Strip Away Pro will need to sign a one off acknowledgement/disclaimer sheet acknowledging the receipt of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and a statement explaining the Health and Safety requirements for the use of this product.  Even if purchased it will not be despatched until the acknowledgement sheet has been returned.  This instruction is a requirement of EU regulations dating back to 2005 and sadly cannot be varied.

*Please Note we cannot ship Strip Away Pro to Northern Ireland*

Paint Stripper – Strip Away Pro is a Heavy Duty paint stripper for professional users only.  Strip Away Pro is a highly effective dichloromethane based paint stripper preferred by restoration craftsmen and professional users for its’ fast action and broad range of effectiveness on most coating types including industrial and two pack paints.  This makes it the preferred  choice where other types of stripper may be too slow or ineffective.  It is instantly effective on most types of coating and blisters and lifts paint and graffiti within minutes of application.  Strip Away Pro does what is says on the can!  It is supplied in a 5 Litre Can.

Strip Away Pro – Advantages of use

Fast Acting penetration that blisters and lifts paints within 15 minutes.  Effective through multiple coating layers.  Excellent cling and adhesion to vertical surfaces.  Non-abrasive.  Non-Corrosive and Non-Flammable.  5 Litres will strip up to 10 Square metres of coating.  Will not tarnish Aluminium.  Leaves virtually no trace surface residues.

Paint Stripper – Strip Away Pro (professional users only).  Important information

  • Strip Away Pro is Restricted to industrial use and to professionals approved in certain EU Member States,  This is a professional craftsman’s fast and effective paint and varnish remover.  It lifts multiple layers within minutes of application.
  • Strip Away Pro should only be used in well ventilated areas with all doors and windows open, work should be carried out outdoors if possible.  Wear protective gloves/protective clothing, including eye and face protection.
  • After concluding the stripping, clean the area down with soapy water on metal areas or white spirit on wooden surfaces to avoid lifting the grain.  Remove all paint and varnish scrapings and soiled waste into an open container, leave outside until all the residual vapours have evaporated and dried before disposing as land fill waste.
  • Strip Away Pro Paint Stripper – Heavy Duty is only supplied in 5 litre containers.

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